UCLA IB requirements 2023

UCLA IB requirements

Table of Contents

UCLA Credit Awarded for IB Exams. 1

Does UCLA recognize IB?. 6

What is the lowest IB score for UCLA?. 6

What IB score do you need for NYU?. 6

Best Application Practices for UCLA.. 6

UCLA Application Status. 7

UCLA Application Portal 7

UCLA Application Checklist. 7

Standardized tests. 7

Strong academic record. 7

Extracurricular activities. 7

Personal Statement. 7

Submit your application. 8

Complete the FAFSA form.. 8

Check your application status. 8

What time does UCLA’s decision come out?. 8

How do I check my UCLA admission decision?. 8

Does UCLA send acceptance letters?. 8

Closing. 8

UCLA Credit Awarded for IB Exams

Keep in mind that the university only awards credits for HL subjects. So here are the UCLA IB requirements

It is important to note that these requirements are subject to changes, so look out for any updates.

Business Management
Business Management5–7MGMTIntro8.0 
Classical Languages
Classical Greek5–7GREEK1 and 28.0 
Latin5–7LATIN1 and 28.0 
exams taken prior to November, 20135–7ECONIntro8.0 
exams taken November, 2013 and later5ECONIntro8.0 
Asia and Oceania5–7HISTAsia/Oceania8.0 
Europe & the Islamic World5–7HISTEurope/Islamic World8.0 
Europe & the Middle East5–7HISTEurope/Middle East8.0 
Medieval Europe & the Islamic World5–7HISTEurope/Islamic World8.0 
20th Century World5–7HISTWorld8.0 
Language A (native)
English: Literature5–7ENGCOMP38.0EW*, W1
all other languages: Literature5–7(language)Unassigned8.0 

* A score of 6 or higher on the Standard Level (SL) English A: Literature exam also satisfies EW, although it does not result in any course credit.

Language A1 (native)
English5–7ENGCOMP38.0EW*, W1
all other languages5–7(language)Unassigned8.0 

* A score of 6 or higher on the Standard Level (SL) A1 English exam also satisfies EW, although it does not result in any course credit.


* For Mathematics exam taken prior to Spring 2018: A score of 5 – 7 will result in MATH 1 and MATH Calculus.

IB Diploma
IB Diploma (Spring 2020 and later)30 or higherNONDEPTUnassigned6.0 
IB Diploma (2002–2019)30 or higherNONDEPTUnassigned —
anywhere from 0–30 units depending on credit
awarded for individual AP/IB HL exams.

Does UCLA recognize IB?

Yes, it does, but they only recognize the HL subjects.

What is the lowest IB score for UCLA?

35 is the lowest IB score that is acceptable by UCLA. Also, UCLA requires students to have 6s or 7s in their core subjects.

What IB score do you need for NYU?

You need to get 35 or above in your IB to be admitted to UCLA.

Best Application Practices for UCLA

It would help if you wrote an impressive essay that will blow their hats off. Also, you must fill in four personal insight questions during your application.

Similarly, it would be best if you were strong in extracurricular activities. UCLA is more inclined towards service and research, so ensure to base your information on these topics.

One way to do this is by demonstrating your interest in independent research. Likewise, they look for people who participate in the schools, so ensure that you show instances in which you positively contributed to the campus.

Furthermore, indicate the community services you were involved in to stand a better chance of acceptance. 

UCLA Application Status

You can use my application status page to check your application status.

UCLA Application Portal

Use this link to get into the portal and start your application journey. 

UCLA Application Checklist

First of all, you will need to review the application and admission requirements to determine whether you are eligible. You can find this information on the UCLA undergraduate Admission website. 

Standardized tests

You will have to take these tests in your junior year and no later than December in your senior year would be best. 

Strong academic record

Your academic achievements will determine a lot about whether you get in. So ensure that you maintain an excellent academic record.

Remember that for IB students, and you will need at least 35 points to get in. At least the UCLA IB requirements are not that high.

Extracurricular activities

UCLA values students who are active in different clubs and organizations and are involved in community service. In your application, mention these instances and provide clear evidence to support your claims. 

Personal Statement

Using this opportunity to show who you are and explain your aspirations would be best. Review some personal statements to get a feel of what you should expect. 

Submit your application

Afterward, you will then be required to submit your application before the deadline. You can do this through the UCLA application portal

Right now, the applications are off until the fall of 2023. 

Complete the FAFSA form

This is for students who require financial assistance. All you need to do is complete the free application for federal student aid to have a chance to get financial help. 

Check your application status

Afterward, you can then check the progress of your UCLA application status

What time does UCLA’s decision come out?

The application portal will be open from August 1st, and the application filing period will be from November 1st to November 30th. 

UCLA does not have an early decision option. If you apply during the fall of 2023, you may get a notification from March 1st to March 31st. 

How do I check my UCLA admission decision?

You can do this through the campus portals. Also, you will receive an email that will allow you to get a username and a password that will enable you to access the application portal.

Keep checking the UCLA admissions portal for any critical information.

Does UCLA send acceptance letters?

Yes, they send letters to admitted students, and those who haven’t will not receive any. 


So that’s it regarding the UCLA IB requirements. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the application process to avoid missing a step.

Good luck with your application to UCLA!

We also have a post that lists the Oxford IB requirements and it may be worth a look.

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