Oxford University IB Requirements 2023

Oxford University IB Requirements 2023                              

You will need a total score of 38, 39 or even 40 points to stand a chance of getting into Oxford. In addition, you need at least 6 or 7 in your HL core subjects.

Table of Contents

Can I get into Oxford with 38 IB?. 1

What IB score do I need for Oxford law?. 1

Can you get into Oxford with IB?. 1

University of Oxford IB Score Requirements by Subjects. 2

IB Career-related Programme. 3

What is the acceptance rate for Oxford University IB?. 3

Does Oxford require IB-predicted grades?. 3

Oxford University decision date. 3

Can I get into Oxford with 38 IB?

Yes. But that may be tight because other people who may have higher scores are trying to get in. However, if you have done a lot of extracurricular activities, you may have improved chances of getting in.

An admission to Oxford University is sort after by many students. For IB students they have a list of requirements which if satisfied can lead to an increased chance of getting into the school.

So here is an article that will highlight some of the IB requirements for Oxford University.

According to statistics students who get into Oxford have 40 points or higher. Remember that you should aim at having good grades in the subjects relevant to the course you will be studying.

Another key requirement for IB students is the Extended Essay.

Here is a guide to writing the best Extended Essay.

You should aim at getting an A or a B in the extended essay to stand a chance of getting into Oxford.

Besides the application you will also be required to write a personal statement, sit down for admission tests or attend interviews (click here to find a guide on how to prepare for oxford university interviews). All of these factors contribute to your chances of getting in so ensure that you ace them.

Oxford University IB Requirements 2023

What IB score do I need for Oxford law?

You need to get at least 38 points with 666 in your HL.

Can you get into Oxford with IB?

The university accepts IB diploma students, but you need to get at least 39 points. Remember that these requirements are higher than any other universities in the UK.

You can also try and do some different subjects to show them that you are interested in doing that course.

IB students make up the second largest qualification pool, and around 1000 students in Oxford have undergone the IB program.

Moreover, in the last five years, the number of offers to IB students has doubled, which is good news for anyone trying to get in.

Remember, around 80% of the Oxford applicants do not have to undergo the pre-interview, so at least there’s that.

University of Oxford IB Score Requirements by Subjects

Subject NamesUCAS Score RequirementIB Score Requirement
Anthropology and Archaeology4838
Computer Sciences5139
Earth Sciences5139
Modern Languages4838
English Language4838
Fine Arts4838
Art History4838
Religion and Theology4838

IB Math 

IB students can choose from:

  • Analysis and Approaches (SL or HL)
  • Applications and Interpretation (SL or HL)

All the mathematics courses will require you to have an HL certificate or the analysis and approach system at SL.

IB Career-related Programme

The University does not accept the IB Career-related Programme.

Some people state that they felt that academic requirement was more of a formality than an actual requirement.

They may care more about the in-person interview. You should prove your level of preparedness, and being in the IB can significantly help you with this.

Also, it would be best if you showed them that you are an all-rounded student. I don’t want to throw shade at the bookworms, but you must indicate that you are interested in other things besides academics.

They would instead you participate in politics and play the clarinet than you be a book worm who always scores 100% in their exams. It is a well-accepted thought that the IB offers more preparation than the British A levels, so that can give you an upper hand.

What is the acceptance rate for Oxford University IB?  

Oxford is a highly selective institution with an acceptance rate of 9% for international students.

Oxford University IB Requirements 2023

Does Oxford require IB-predicted grades?

It depends, but at times, they do, but in most cases, they will still need to use the full results.

Oxford University decision date               

Applicants shortlisted for entry in 2024 will be interviewed in December 2023.

The process can also be time consuming so ensure that you communicate with your teachers and try to understand exactly what will be required from you so that you can be adequately prepared.

So that’s pretty much it, in life just focus on maintaining excellence in all you do and things will fall in place.

To summarize aim at getting 40 points and above. We also have a guide for the Stanford IB requirements if you are interested in studying in the US.

Good luck!

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