Math EE examples

Math EE examples

Mathematics Extended Essays generally try to verify a certain result or they try to find new results which is very rare. An example of a title could be How Fundamentals of Number Theory Facilitate Public-Key Cryptography through the RSA Cryptosystem

Selecting a Math EE Topic

Since most students (including myself) struggle to come up with themes for their extended essays because they think they must involve “challenging concepts,” it is crucial to recognize that the Math EE is more about working on an out-of-syllabus topic that does not require too difficult concepts.

I’d advise starting with the subjects you find interesting and developing a solid mathematical foundation from there. This one is particularly challenging because it’s challenging to think of.

Examining the university curriculum for the desired major is a better solution. Simply select a subject from their first-year classes if you decide you want to study mathematics in college after all. This should fulfill all of IB’s requirements, give you a head start on university work, and give you a sense of how challenging university work might be.

Best tips to get an A in a Math IB extended essay?

They key is to have a good structure in your extended essay. Also conduct research and utilize your textbooks. With maths you don’t have to be highly inventive and it is hard to come up with a new topic or ideas. It would be great if you focused on a topic that is not discussed in the syllabus and it shows that you have a broad mathematical knowledge.

  1. Select a subject that appeals to you. Make sure the subject is not too broad so that your essay can be well-developed and narrowly targeted.
  2. Make a detailed plan based on your research. Your boss can review this and offer helpful criticism.
  3. Make contact with educators, and make use of reliable sources and textbooks. Don’t forget to properly cite them!
  4. Study the rubric and EE guide carefully, and read the Chief Examiner’s report on Math EEs from prior years.
  5. Have fun and intelligently manage your time!

Math extended essay topic examples and ideas

Your extended essays could be based upon a mathematics Olympiad question. You can have a topic answering an IMO problem. One can be about geometry and the other about number theory. You can create a title from topics such as

  • Golden ratio, fibonacci sequence ( but mind you it’s a really common theme)
  • Fractals
  • Harmonic series
  • Taylor series
  • Linear optimization

The game theory is primarily used by people to forecast it, although functions are also an option. Calculus could be used to model a function and then analyze it. To properly get into calculus, use the Taylor or Fourier series. Although you need to find something other than utilizing first derivative for detecting maximums and second derivative for inflection points and convection, you may generate forecasts or examine trends over a given period of time.

Vector fields are a different choice that is a bit controversial. Despite having a vector-based foundation, they are quite fascinating, and the operations relating to these fields involve a lot of calculus. You’ll discover how to find the gradient, divergence, or rotational field using partial derivatives. Additionally, these fields can be utilized to simulate phenomena like wind speed and direction.

The truth is that you can use calculus on pretty much anything that includes a function or has time as a variable (rates of change), but for your work to be truly useful, you need something far more complex than simple derivatives.

Math Extended Essay IB Sample

This is an example of a math EE essay done by a student which received glowing remarks from the examiner.

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