TOK Essay Tips For 2022 Essays

TOK Essay Tips

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TOK Essay Tips 2022. 1

How to Write a Good TOK Essay. 1

TOK Essay Tips (Mathematics Area of Knowledge) 2

Signposting in your TOK Essay. 2

TOK Essay Criteria. 2

Six top TOK essay mistakes. 2

Bottom Line. 3

These topics can be pretty stressful. Nonetheless, there is a formula that you can use to pass your TOK essay.

TOK Essay Tips 2022

One of the most important things to do is unpack your introduction. You need to know what you are talking about and make sure you make the examiner see that you know what you are talking about.

Also, you can define the keywords but do not go overboard.

Make sure you use the specific TOK words that examiners are looking for. Use the TOK terminology as that will make the examiners know that you know what the subject is about and how to use it in the outside world.

Use personal examples that strengthen your argument when it comes to the example. Go from a small personal example to a wide general example.

So if you’re talking about something you learned in physics, that helps you explain your TOK essay question.

Now you can expand the example to general terms where you can list a theory, an equation, or a way of calculating that will help you strengthen your argument. That way, you can avoid irrelevant examples.

How to Write a Good TOK Essay

Ensure you don’t favor one side and have balance in your arguments. Argue for not yes; the statement is true, and the statement is not true.

In the conclusion, synthesize the points and sum up what you have been arguing clearly.

Proofread and discuss with friends as they will be the greatest asset; they can criticize and show you different points of improvement.

This will take your essay to the next level. Don’t be shy and always ask questions. Also don’t be afraid to criticize your friend’s work.

Also, look for resources online. They help you write an outline and give you a better structure. Also, look at the best ways to structure your TOK presentation.

TOK Essay Tips (Mathematics Area of Knowledge)

Use the subject of mathematics to your advantage as it can counter almost every argument related to language or human sciences.

Something like arts mostly utilizes interpretation, and you can use mathematics to balance your essay.

Mathematics is based on reason which is not subjective, and it can ensure you maintain balance in your essay.

Signposting in your TOK Essay

Ensure that you signpost your argument as it makes it logical, fluent, and understandable. This makes it easy for the examiner to follow along.

This can be done by linking your statement to the knowledge question. Signpost your example by linking it to the knowledge question.

You can say that this claim is supported by this example or evidence demonstrating this about the knowledge question.

This links everything together and gives clues to the reader, which may mean more points for you. It’s also beneficial as it will prevent you from being confused, and you can organize your points well.

TOK Essay Criteria

Avoid blubbering. Remember the structure of the point, explain, and example. Be clear and structured, and show you know what you are talking about.

Use topic sentences to explain what you mean by your claim and give an example.

Be specific, for example, simply stating that I examined the thoughts of a philosopher and that shifted my thinking towards something.

You can give an example of the thoughts and explain what shifted in your thinking. This can be a big chance to impress your examiner by giving specific points that strengthen your argument.

Six top TOK essay mistakes

Generalizing and not supporting claims and counter-claims with examples or explanations.

The examples should be real and preferably personal, like from something you researched on your extended essay from your culture or religion or a class activity you’ve taken that supports a general claim in your argument that supports the question. You can also include some research examples that you find suitable.

Another problem is being too general or vague. This is not good for your score because, at times, it leads to an essay that is not well developed.

For example, a statement such as artists are biased. That is a generalization, and for you to avoid being penalized, you need to explain further and provide examples.

For instance, you can state that some artists are biased in some cultures and state instances in which you have seen or read about this.

You can also lose points by building your conclusions on faulty assumptions, for example, stating that all art critics are biased and reaching the conclusion that’s why we can never know the value of an art piece because all art critics are biased.

That point is questionable and based on an assumption, and examiners will fail you for this.

When making such a statement, base your argument on facts and examples, and then write your conclusion based on proven facts.

Being too descriptive is one of the many pitfalls students fall into. When stating an example, do not over-explain or be too descriptive.

Additionally, do not provide depth to an example such that your description of an example reaches between 150 to 200 words.

This will take out the clarity of the essay and will mean that you will not develop some points fully.

When you use a quote, make sure that you interpret and unpack it. Tell the examiner why you have used it as an example or as part of your evidence.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the pointers that will help you write a great essay. Also, ensure that you do not commit these mistakes as they result in a point deduction.

We also have more articles coming up that will hopefully help you write better essays.

We also have one on one sessions that you can take advantage of. Our tutors have been helping hundreds of students with their essays and other coursework activities.

You can also order a customized paper from us that will be delivered promptly. I hope these tips were super helpful and that they will help you in writing a good essay.

Good Luck!

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