How to Use the TEEL Paragraph Structure: The Complete 2022 Guide

Table of Contents

1 How to write the TEEL Paragraph Structure with Examples. 1

1.1Topic Sentence. 1

1.2 Example. 2

1.3 Explanation. 2

1.4 Link. 2

1.2 Writing a TEEL paragraph. 2

1.3 Writing Essay Paragraphs: The TEEL structure. 2

1.4 The Teel paragraph as an introduction. 3

1.5 PEEL Paragraph Structure. 3

1.6 PEEL Paragraph Structure. 3

1.6.1 Point. 3

1.6.2 Example. 3

1.6.3 Explanation. 4

1.6.4 Link. 4

1.7 PEEL Paragraph Examples. 4

1.8 Final Thoughts. 4

How to Use the TEEL Paragraph Structure: The Complete 2022 Guide

TEEL is an acronym that ensures that you cover the essential information in a paragraph. It stands for

  • T – Topic
  • E – Example
  • E – Explanation and Analysis
  • L – Link to a topic, and the broad view of the study

The TEEL paragraph structure follows a defined style of writing that helps you introduce data efficiently. Here is a look at the meaning of each component in the TEEL acronym.

How to Use the TEEL Paragraph Structure: The Complete 2022 Guide

1 How to write the TEEL Paragraph Structure with Examples

1.1Topic Sentence

This is the first sentence in a paragraph and it explains what the paragraph will be about. It helps in responding to the question being asked.

The Pedestrian exposes Bradbury’s fear of dehumanization due to humanity’s increasing reliance on technology as a method of communicating and acquiring new information.

1.2 Example

In this part, you are supposed to provide quotes to support your topic. This also involves evidence that would support the contents of your paragraph.

“the faintest glimmer of firefly light appeared in flickers behind the windows,” “No professions,” “ tomb like building…” ”….walking through a graveyard” and “ Gray phantoms…”

1.3 Explanation

This is the point where you explain why your examples relate to the theme. It will be the bulk of your paragraph and will go into further detail while fleshing out your key points and ideas.

Bradbury makes his fear explicit through symbolism in highlighting how individuals would rather rely on interpretations of the world illustrated on their TV screens rather than explore the world for themselves. Furthermore, through the truncated sentence the automated police car dismisses Mr Mead’s occupation as a writer, thus exposing how creativity and imagination have been made redundant in his bleak, utopian society. Similarly, Bradbury’s use of dark imagery in… exposes the Zeitgeist of alienation that is inherent to Mead’s city, thus suggesting the departure from a state of creativity and the slow takeover of technology and loneliness.

1.4 Link

In this part, you will summarize your arguments by linking up all the sentences which will highlight how your paragraph will support the main theme.

Ultimately, Bradbury uses this poem as a platform to comment on how society’s increased reliance on technology threatens to strip our society of creativity and individualism.

1.2 Writing a TEEL paragraph

When writing the topic sentence you should ensure that it incorporates the theme and the question in one sentence.

When providing examples remember it is always important to cite your sources according to the format style required by your instructor.

Also, the link should effectively summarize all the discussed points.

1.3 Writing Essay Paragraphs: The TEEL structure

There are some key points you need to keep in mind when writing the TEEL paragraphs

  1. Have a singular focus on each paragraph
  2. Thoroughly analyze the content or text being studied
  3. Start every paragraph with a topic sentence
  4. Include evidence or quotes
  5. If you are discussing a book don’t just re-tell the story

1.4 The Teel paragraph as an introduction

The TEEL paragraph structure is also important when writing an introduction. There are some key things you should focus on.


  • hook/statement or quote
  • background information
  • introduce your question
  • overview of your main paragraphs
  • thesis statement

There are often times in our life when we experience challenges and hardships and sometimes these experiences can help us to grow up and mature. 

This is what happens in Tomorrow, When the War Began, a novel written by John Marsden in 2000. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who live in the fictional town of Wirrawee in NSW. The teenagers go on a camping trip to a place called ‘Hell’, it’s a trip to escape their families, be themselves, and ultimately have fun. But when they return home everything has changed and their lives will never be the same again. 

The novel explores how challenging and confronting experiences cause the characters to change and develop. 

This is particularly evident in 3 of the teenagers, Ellie, Homer and Robyn – who each experience some testing and challenging moments, that require to them to adapt, change and develop new ways of thinking. 

Tomorrow, When the War Began is a novel that explores how important it is not to give up, and that sometimes challenging experiences can push us to new levels and show us that perhaps in the face of danger – we are all capable and much stronger than we think.   

1.5 PEEL Paragraph Structure

It is important to note that the TEEL and the PEEL paragraph structure are not exactly the same. Nonetheless, as you will find out they have a similar structure with the main difference being that the ‘topic sentence’ used in TEEL is referred to as ‘Point’ in PEEL.

1.6 PEEL Paragraph Structure

1.6.1 Point

In a PEEL paragraph, your topic sentence should introduce the thought or the primary subject of discussion. It is never cited because it is the topic sentence. Its goal is to grab the reader’s attention and explain why they should read further.

1.6.2 Example

The second section of a PEEL paragraph presents the point or idea and provides instances or evidence to support it. Always one or two phrases are needed for this. It includes information from reputable academic sources or primary literature, including study results, research pieces of evidence, figures, facts, and quotations.

1.6.3 Explanation

Explains the connection between the notion and the proof or example given should come in the third section. Give as much information as you can in your explanation. You explain the facts to the audience in this section. So, adopt a sceptical or critical stance.

1.6.4 Link

The last sentence of the paragraphs should establish a connection between it and your essay’s argument. For coherence, the last sentence of a paragraph should restate the main concept and create a bridge or link to the following paragraph.

1.6 PEEL Paragraph Structure

1.7 PEEL Paragraph Examples

Question: Should Animals be Kept in Zoos?

Point: To begin with, the transfer of animals from their natural ecosystems and habitat is detrimental and cruel.

Evidence/ Example: According to the WWF, when animals are kept captive, they become lonely and bored, leading to a condition called zoochosis. Animals with zoochosis behave awkwardly and might start doing repetitive, annoying acts such as vomiting, hysterical noises, being aggressive towards zoo visitors, swaying, and other nasty behaviours.

Explain: Such occurrences clearly indicate that wild animals belong in the wild; not confinements such as zoos that limit their happiness.

Link: When freed into the wilderness and the wild, animals will most likely enjoy their lives and be free. Therefore, instead of instilling mental and physical torture, animals should be fed from zoos with immediate effect unless kept there for rehabilitation or treatment.  

1.8 Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you write better essays in the TEEL and PEEL structure. Nonetheless, you don’t have to struggle with doing all these assignments.

Contact us today and let our writers handle your assignments for you.

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