How to make My essay longer: The Best Hacks

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1.1Making Essays Longer (without adding fluff!). 1

1.1.1Define your terms. 2

1.1.2 Add Context to your evidence. 2

1.1.3 Add more evidence to your points. 2

1.1.4 Explain how the evidence or details support the main point. 2

1.1.5 Explain why your topic matters in the conclusion. 2

1.2 TOEFL Writing: How to Make Your TOEFL Essays LONGER. 2

1.2.1 Provide the Reasons that support an argument. 2

1.2.2 Use Personal Examples. 2

1.2.3 Paraphrasing. 2

1.2.4 Use “In fact….”. 3

1.2.5 Use adjectives. 3

1.3 Ways/How to make your essay longer hacks TikTok. 3

1.4Here is what you should not do to make your Essay Longer. 4

1.4.1Avoid too much line spacing. 4

1.4.2 Increasing Font Sizes. 4

1.4.3 Wordiness and Fluff. 4

1.4.4 Plagiarizing your work. 4

1.5 Final thoughts. 4

How to make your essay longer hacks

So you are at the end of your string and grappling to find ways to increase the length of your essay. This is a common problem for many people, students or not.

Nonetheless, there is the right way to make your essay longer and avoid detection.

Your professor has probably seen many tricks, and you need to make your content longer without being detected.

Gimmicks like increasing your fonts no longer work, so here are some proven tactics that will help you make your essay longer while maintaining high quality.

Making Essays Longer (without adding fluff!)

Define your terms

This is an excellent way to make your essay longer in a way that actually strengthens your argument. So, for instance, if you are talking about something like justice, do you mean being merciful and eye for an eye or something else?

Add Context to your evidence

You could try orienting your instructor or reader to where you are getting this information. This will help enhance the linking of sentences and will create a more in-depth meaning to the evidence you use.

Add more evidence to your points

Instead of being vague about your evidence, write two or three more pieces of evidence that give a basis to your information and ideas.

Explain how the evidence or details support the main point

Make sure you check your proof and facts and check if you make the explicit connection between the evidence and the main points.

Explain why your topic matters in the conclusion

This should include a couple of sentences that show the importance of this topic to the reader and how impactful the subject can be to different elements or people.

How to make My essay longer: The Best Hacks

TOEFL Writing: How to Make My TOEFL Essays LONGER

Writing a TOEFL essay may seem straightforward, but getting to the word count without compromising the quality of your paper may be challenging. So here are a few tips that will help you increase the length of your TOEFL essay.

Provide the Reasons that support an argument

This will not only help in providing additional information but also help you fill up your sentences and have an essay that includes all the requirements.

Use Personal Examples

Describing personal experiences in independent essays gives you the opportunity to write more. We all have many experiences; using them as examples in your paper helps define your personality and have more words.


This does not mean that you write the same content as someone else. What it means is that you explain a point or an argument using your own words. This will show that you have a broad range of vocabulary while adding additional information.

Use “In fact….”

This will help you elaborate more on your argument and helps in explaining what the situation is like, in fact, and that supports your idea. This could also act as a cliffhanger and increase your argument’s basis.

Use adjectives

Adjectives are your friend. They help you explain a noun or a verb more while adding the sentences.

Take a look at this example,

‘I walked to town

Now, look at how adjectives can make the sentence longer.

‘I trudged calmly through the most beautifully manicured park to get to town.’

And Voila! You have added more words and created a vivid picture of the actions you were taking.

Now let’s make that sentence even longer.

‘Enthralled by the nature trails, I pondered life’s beautiful gifts as I trudged calmly to town through the captivating and vibrant life around the most beautifully manicured park.’

This sentence is much more descriptive and colorful.

Here is an example of how someone managed to elaborate and elongate a sentence into a whole paragraph.

‘Finally if the social worker thinks there may be abuse or neglect he or she will investigate.’

‘At the end of the interrogation involving crucial details about the nature of this situation, the child service staff member will decide whether consideration of the story is required and upon deciding the importance of the claim will dispatch members of the local police to carry out a search of an inceptive idea in placement of the subconscious mind of their subordinate members to open an enlightened path of recommendation towards further investigation. ‘

TOEFL Writing: How to Make My TOEFL Essays LONGER

Many people may not be well endowed with the skills to pull out such a feat. If this seems complicated for you, you can always contact us and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Ways/How to make your essay longer hacks TikTok

There are a few ways in which you can make your essay longer, according to TikTok. This involves replacing some common words with their actual meanings. For instance, when writing an essay, simply replace these words using the following;

  • because: the particular reason for this circumstance
  • this means: this actively demonstrates that
  • in conclusion: to sum up everything that has been stated so far
  • for: for the exact purpose of
  • like: along the lines of
  • also: in addition to this
  • yet: on the other hand
  • but: although this may be true
  • about: in regards to
  • even though: be that as it may
  • until: until such time as
  • if: in the event that
  • this suggests: therefore, elucidating the impression that

These are pretty good strategies to ensure that your essay reaches the intended word count.


Here is what you should not do to make your Essay Longer

Avoid too much line spacing

The naked eye can know between a double and a single space. In the event that this is not possible, your professor can always check the kinds of spacing you use. Also, spacing does not add to the word count.

Even though the pages will be many, the word count will be less, and that will get you caught.

Increasing Font Sizes

Similarly to line spacing, your professor can know which font size you used also it does not add to the word count, and it will not help you.

Wordiness and Fluff

This makes a paragraph dull and dilutes the ideas. Instead, you should add more evidence and explain them in further detail to achieve your intended word count.

Plagiarizing your work

Copying and pasting content from the internet leads to plagiarism. If your professor sees plagiarized content, they may penalize you. Instead, you should paraphrase what you read on the internet and write the arguments in your own words.

Final thoughts

Looking to make your paper longer? Hiring an essay writer and including quotes in your work is some of the best ways to make your paper longer. 

That’s pretty much it; I hope these tips will help you in making your essay reach the word count. Nonetheless, if you don’t have time for this, you can always contact us and let us do your homework, assignments or essays.

Good luck!

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